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Personal Projects

A sampling of some of the personal projects I've worked on over the years.
Custom Built 'In The Groove 3' Cabinet
Graphic Design / Woodworking / Electronics

A custom arcade machine designed from scratch! Involving custom laser cut steel, custom built lighting board and even a 1200W Sound System! (This project is so amazing, it even has its own website...)

The Ultimate RockBand Setup
DMX Lighting Control

The real way to rock out... A Yamaha electronic kit... Stage Lighting... Fog machine... All synced into the music using DMX lighting control software.

Acoustic Alley Karaoke
Co-Owner / Graphic Designer / Host

Co-owned and operated by myself and my brother Tim since around 2002. Revolutionized the song book with first lines for each song, as well as nice classy custom designed binders. (Unlike those beat up, torn, stained, written in books you normally get at Karaoke ;)

TRON Motorcycle Helmet
Custom EL Wire Lighting

When you're on a motorcycle at night, you want to make sure you're seen. What better way than some EL Wire! The helmet plugs into a USB battery pack stored in the back of my motorcycle jacket.